Paintballing in The Wirral

iPaintball has located a collection of what we feel are the premier venues to go paintballing in the UK. Using customer feedback and our own experience from visiting the sites, we have found what we feel to be the best venues available to The Wirral region and listed them below.

These sites offer visitors many different games to play on their day to the centres. The games include hostage rescue, dodge city and the speedball. The paintball markers used at the venues are industry leading, and are maintained on a regular basis, ensuring you will have an enjoyable day out. The sites are close to Manchester, Liverpool and The Wirral, and are popular with corporate and business bookings often visit the centre, looking for an activity to help with team building. You may also see many stag and hen parties playing here too. Paintballing is a sport enjoyed by many people, young and old, male or female.

For more information on venues around The Wirral, please use the details below contact the paintball centres. You can get any questions you have about your day out, and check availability for your chosen date.

Facilites Timings Extras Best Field
5 Star Venue
Car Parking
Battle Packs
Tea / Coffee

Start: 09:00am

Finish: 16:00pm

100 Paintballs:
Smoke Grenades:


The Wirral:

Creewood Common Farm, Ball Lane, Frodsham, Warrington WA6 8HP

0845 430 4455

Paintball Hints and Tactics Article!

Sometimes you will slide into a The Wirral field spot undetected. In this instance, wrap your paintball bunker and look for bad guys inside that you might not be able to see, such as a back centre guy. After you kill the back centre, wrap further and further destroying everyone inside The Wirral paintball field. Just remember to keep an eye on the corner bad guy – you wouldn’t want to get shot by a paintball wrapping too far from a key bunker on the field now would you? Some fields are more defensively set up, this making killing bad guys from the 50 yard line bunkers very difficult. And some The Wirral teams are just better equipped to play off their back feet and can live in small bunkers long enough to have the other team make a mistake. In these situations your role in a The Wirral 50 yard line bunker is going to change. If you can’t kill people from the 50 then obviously your team needs to get more penetration into the bad guy’s side of the field, to get those killing angles on them. And as one of the farthest up the field you need to put in the defensive players to help get your guys up the field, and onto the other side of the centre line. A great move is to shoot the opposite corner prop while a The Wirral team mate comes from your back line through the centre of the field and into a 60 line bunker. In a sense you have become a back guy. You need to be able to keep the communications going, telling all your players that are farther up the field where the bad guys are, which direction they are shooting, and coordinating when those paintballers are safe to move up the field. You become the eyes, ears and brains of the operation.